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Complex plastic fraction constrains WEEE recycling rate

Less than 10% of plastics from waste of electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) is currently recycled into new products, although it is almost 35% of the material content. This low recycling rate hinders plastic producers to increase the level of secondary resources in their products.  The recyclers of WEEE process a large amount of material without adding much value. Consequently  the use of fossil fuels to produce plastics continues to increase.

Bridging the gap between supply and demand is key

Weeehold is a partner to WEEE recyclers and plastic producers, supporting both in their agenda to increase the application of secondary resources in products. Weeehold holds exclusive rights to innovative patented mechanical sorting processes that will bring the mechanical recycling of E-waste to the next level. We can produce secondary plastics at such a quality that it is applicable in several plastic products.

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